Ally Iskandar - Arrange Marriage?

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Long time not see right? By the way today I would like to expose the story that the artist who is in directly involve in arrange marriage. Did all of you know Ally Iskandar? After do some researching, I can see that Ally Iskandar is the one of the artist that involve in arrange marriage.

He said that,

his marriage was arranged by his family. Before he took the decision to get married, he took much time first to meet with Farah. When Ally and Farah met each other, Ally was accompanied by his mother and brother while she was accompanied by her friend. He never madly in love before with Farah but Farah successfully captivates him because her attitude is different with the girls that he met. 

Well. That is Ally’s story. It so special right? Hope to get the same situation like Ally ;’) Haha. see you soon.

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