Arrange Marriage vs Love Marriage?

Assalamualaikum and hello people.

We meet again today. How are you my readers? Hope you are in a good health. Today, I would like to discover about the interesting topic that surely will attract people to read it. It can relate with adults, parents and also the trends that happen nowadays in our country.

Are you ready to know about what topic today? Okay, so the topic today is about arrange marriage and also love marriage, which one is better?

Marriage is like a phone call while your asleep, first the ring, and then you wake up

Before I proceed with the arguments and explanation which one is better, I want to express about the definition of the both type of marriage.

When we talk about the arrange marriage, we can see that it is usually came from the family right? So the definition of the arrange marriage is the marriage that arranged by our beloved influential people in our house whose are our own parents. Usually the parents found their “future son/daughter in law” by bonding the good relationship with their friends. Nah, just behave when our parents are chit chatting with their friends about us, maybe we will be the victims for this particular relationship. Haha, sorry.  I am just making the joke!

Now let proceed with the meaning of love marriage? Hm, sounds nice right? Maybe some of us are smiling right now because mostly when we talk about love marriage, we will remember the sweet moments with our beloved right? So, what is the meaning of love marriage? Love marriage is basically about us as “uda and dara” are madly in love with one another and take the decision to get marry. Usually, in this case, we already know their strengths and weaknesses.

Clear enough? However, we will continue later about the importance element that all of us must know in order to choose weather love or arrange marriages are better? Until we meet again. See you soon! :D

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