Current Issue Regarding Arrange Marriage

Asslamualaikum and hello people!

Forget about the current issue about love marriage, i would like to proceed with the issue regarding arrange marriage.This story is about Zehra. Did you familiar with this name? Yes, exactly. Zehra who is already turned 29 years old this year is one of the contestants from Gadis Melayu TV9.

Zehra. Source: Hmetro

Zahra's future marriage was arranged by her family. Even though her family arranges it, but his future husband proposes her at the first sight. Before they got into serious relationship, Zehra wanted to meet her future husband first. Then, after three months they know each other, they took the decision to engage. When they engaged, Zehra tried doing the best for her fiancée. Even, she also forced herself to cook. But who knows, maybe Allah wanted to show the best for them. After two month they got engaged, they broke up. During that time, Zehra felt very disappointed and depressed. Zehra took almost one month to rise from disappointment. Fortunately, she still has her family besides her. Ups and downs, whatever that she does, her family always supports her.

Hmm, sounds disappointing right? But who are us to put aside the fate. Everything happen towards us is having their reasons, so my hope is before we get into serious relationship, do always “check” about our future husband/wife. Hm, see you then. Bye!

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