Current Issues in Love Marriage

Assalamualaikum and good morning to all of you.

Long time not see right. Can you guess what the topic today? Yes, exactly. Today I want to fulfill my promise in the previous post about the current issues that happen in our country. Okay, without wasting much time, let’s proceed!

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Nah, are you guys still remember who is she? And what happen to her? Why she was interviewed by Hmetro?

Her name is Ayu. Two days ago, she was divorced by third talaq. This is happen when she attacks her husband’s wedding. Sounds weird right? Yes. Her husband left her alone for many months without left any nafkah and marrying with other girl. So as a girl, I am really agree that the acting that she did. 

Hm, pity her. May Allah always ease her journey. If I are in her position, I cannot imagine what will happen towards me and my future. Nauzbillahminzalik. Hopefully we are include in the blissful marriage until Jannah in shaa Allah.

Till we meet again J

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