The Cons of Love Marriage

Assalamualaikum. Hi.

Long time not see right? My holiday is fully with wedding invitations. I’m sorry because take much time to proceed the new post due to many things that I must settle in this week. By the way, how are you today? I hope that all of you are in a good condition.

Hm, today I want to continue with the next sub topic which is the cons of love marriage. In the previous post, I already expose about the cons of arrange marriage. Hope all of you are clear with that part. So without wasting much time, let proceed with the drawbacks of love marriage.

The first drawback that I can figure out is the misunderstanding between the family and the children. This situation happens because the family cannot accept the choices from the family. They might keep thinking that their choice is better than the children’s choice. So, in this case, they will keep ignoring their children.

Marriage is like a hot bath. Once you get used to it, it’s not so hot.  

The next drawback is the couples will face with many problems such as lack of money, lack of stuff and so on. Due to the family are not agreed and cannot accept the children’s choice, they are also not support the children’s problems especially when their children lack of money. If this keep happens, the spouse cannot live in a peace and harmony.

Last but not least, the next drawback is the discord arises among two families. This discord happens when the two families cannot accept each other and trying to fight each other. Basically both the children are okay but not for the parents. When this discord happens, misunderstanding also will happen and the disunity also will happen.

Nah, these are the three drawbacks that I can expose about the love marriage. Hope that you can understand about this sub topic. See you soon in the interesting sub topic! Bye.

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