The difference between Arrange Marriage and Love Marriage

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Azah Rahaman here. Anyone misses me or not? Haha. A big thanks to the readers who are still support me from 2008 until now. I am really appreciating that. Thanks a lot to all of you.

Hm, by the way, today I want to continue with my topic. Can anyone guess what my topic is? It is still about love and arranges marriage. Quite boring isn’t? Nah, I want to show you something. Maybe you are really familiar with this type of jokes.

Yes, it is. Basically when we are marry with someone that we love, we are marry with our own special persons but then if we are followed what our parents said, we might marry with someone else’s special person.

It maybe the jokes but it really brings a lot of value. So, what is the real differences between loves and arrange marriage? Basically, there are a lot of elements that we can conclude to these differences for both marriages. Now, here are the differences.

For the arrange marriage -

  1. The first one is family decision. It is based on family decision either father, mother, uncle and also aunty. 
  2. Next is more support from family It is more support from family because we are follow what they said. 
  3. Last one is less problem between families It is because the family know about our good and bad side. That's why the families will always support us. 

For the love marriage -

  1. The first one is our own decision It is based on our own choice. 
  2. Next is less support from family We will get less support from family because the family are not accept with what our choice. 
  3. Last but not least, more problems between families We will get more problems between the families because they think that their choice is better than our choice.

Are you got it? By the way, see you later with a big issue of the love marriage. A bit sad news but it might bring us many values in order to get the blissful marriage. 

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