The drawbacks of Arrange Marriage


Good evening dearest. How are you today? Hope you are fine. By the way, how is your holiday? Exhausted, tired or happy? Oh sure our holiday is full with wedding invitations right? Haha. So now I would like to proceed with the drawbacks of arrange marriage. In the previous post, you were already looking at the advantages of both type of marriage and also the rating of the marriage right? So now let’s looks at the drawback of the arrange marriage.

 First and foremost is about the misunderstanding between the parents and children. The arrange family basically happen from parent’s choosing. If the children doesn’t like to their family’s choice, the misunderstanding might happen. It is really hard to make sure that the children are accepting family’s choice because to love someone that the children never know is really hard and sometimes will take much time

Besides it, the misunderstanding among the spouse also will be happen. When the arrange marriage happen, the children doesn’t know each other and it can make the mutual understanding among them doesn’t happen. In directly, this misunderstanding will make the couples keep quarrel each other.    

The last one is the rate of divorce will rise. If the arrange marriage keep happen, the children cannot accept each other, misunderstanding would happen and the last one would be happen is the divorcing between the couples.

Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. -Albert Einstein

Sounds scary right? Hope you are clear with these disadvantages. See you soon!

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