The rating of preferred arrange marriage and love marriage

Good evening all.

How are you today? I hope you are in a pink of health. Well, our country might face with Equinox phenomenon right? So I really hope that all of you can prepare your mentally and physically to face this season. Please drink at least 3 Liter plain water per day and don’t play outside the house around 12pm until 3pm ya?

 Okay, forget about that Equinox phenomenon. Today I want to share about my surveying towards love marriage and arrange marriage. What are the types of the marriage that they prefer more? Is it love or arrange marriage? Just now, I had surveying through social media Facebook and online chatting Whatsapp. Do take a look.

So this is the answer that I got through the Facebook. Atikah and Aimran said that they preferred more to arrange marriage and Zurain said more to love marriage.

 And this is the answer that I got through Whatsapp. Some of them said arrange marriage and some of them said love marriage but the minority also said both are acceptable. this is the answer from one of my beloved teacher, teacher salwani. she said that she more to prefer love marriage because through love marriage we can know each other first.

 I would like to go through with responses from Afiq from SKB1 group. He said that “if we are already old, we can easily take arrange marriage but then if we are in the aged that possible to married and have the enough money, we can take love arrange.”

Yes, I really agree to him because anything we do must have a solid reason. In this case, if we already have “someone” and we already have “everything” such as money, house, works and even car, we can proceed into love marriage. Maybe after our parents see our ability, they tend to allow us into love marriage.

Enough right about this surveying? See you in the next post. About what? Nah, wait and see!

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