Movie Review - Alone

1. Identify the character that you believe played significant role influencing the plot and justify why and how? 

The character that played significant role influencing the plot is Ploy. This is because from the first scene until the last scene, we can see that Ploy played a great character. Ploy has the twin named Pim. In the movie, Ploy manage to make the audience feel confuse with her character. This is because after the death of Pim, Ploy pretends to be Pim because she really loves Wee very much. In her marriage life, she was haunted by her own twin. Everywhere she is, she always can see Pim. At last, Wee knows everything from Pim’s mother that her wife is Ploy not Pim. Actually Ploy does not have intended to kill Pim but after her jealousy was controlled by her anger, she had to. Just because of the jealousy and Pim has everything that Ploy don’t have, she kills her own sister.

 2. What do you think is the main topic/issue highlighted in this movie? And what is the writer belief?

 The main topic that highlighted in this movie is jealousy. In this movie, the writer belief that “anger can kill everything”. It is meaning that, when we are in jealousy, anger are controlled our body. With not thinking the pros and cons of do that, we could get many effects from it. For example, from this movie, Ploy was controlled by her anger. So that she took the crazy decision and kill her twin. As the sister, Pim should know that when someone is in moody, Pim necessary to know Ploy’s problems. This is because every problem has the solution but in this case, everything late. Ploy is too emotional and had to kill even though her own sister.

 3. Justify what you believe about the above topic/issue. 

From the movie, I could say that love and jealousy are two things that related each other. I am really believed that if one of them is separated, many things will be happen. When we are in jealousy mood, usually we are controlled by our anger without thinking many bad things will be happen from it. From this movie, Ploy is felt jealous towards Pim because the man’s character, Wee is more to love Pim not Ploy. Her jealousy begins when Wee gave the chain to Pim. This is so unfair because Ploy did not get what Pim get. Other than that, their mother also seems to love Pim more than Ploy. So these situations will make Ploy more stress and jealous until she tries to kill her own sister. By the way, I really think that Ploy did not have intended to do that because Pim really loves her sister. When they small, Pim ate Ploy’s medicine and she always protected Ploy. It can see when the children are mocking them; Pim protected and take care of Ploy’s heart by throw away the stones.

4. What is your opinion of the movie? 

This movie has a strong theme and also a great moral value. At the end of the movie, we could see that the author of the movie successfully attract people to like the English movies because the people who watch the movie can understand what the movie is talk about. At the end, the people know that Wee’s wife is Ploy and the person who is passed away is Pim. However, despite of having many interesting plot, this story also contains high level language which is not suitable for the early readers to watch it and not suitable for someone who is interested to watch the English movie. It is also makes me hard to read it as I must look up every word in the dictionary that I don’t understand. To watch this movie, my suggestion is the readers must have a good skill in order to understand what the movie is talk about. If this movie uses simple vocabularies, I would say that the story may touch the heart of the readers and the early readers also can understand easily what the storyline talk about.

p/s: untuk mak mak mengandung, alone ni ada scene trkejut-terkejut. haha. kalau boleh, elakkan lah dulu. serius tengok sorang-sorang naik seram bulu roma uii. heheh. apa apa pun, happy! 4 star for alone.

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